Area 15’s 眨眼 World a splash of neon dreams


When Chris 眨眼 was a member of Blue Man Group, one of the acts was to fill three standing drumheads with fluorescent paint. Then blue-painted performers slammed the instruments, in rhythm, sending the day-glow colors flying.

眨眼’s colorful art has never descended. It continues to rise 和 bloom, more than three years after 眨眼 split with the Blue Men. The splash of color 和 ingenuity, his mass of madness, has only evolved in 眨眼’s world.

恰当地命名“眨眼世界:通往无限的门户”已在Area15开业。 15,000平方英尺的多感官艺术体验空间位于室内娱乐区的二楼,毗邻博物馆惨败博物馆。该项目是一个分拆的项目(雇用Wink World之一)’s toy props) of 眨眼’s role as Area15’s “导演很酷(东西)。”

眨眼 World is designed to appeal to any age, children or grown-ups or childlike grown-ups. The art itself is the tour guide.

“我有点喜欢朴实无华的艺术经历,而’不必觉得自己需要一个研究生学位才能渗透事物的含义,” 眨眼 says from behind his neon-yellow mask. “看看它,然后得到你所得到的。”


Structurally, 眨眼 World is a series of six separate but interlocking experiences, all somehow related to 眨眼’对无限的迷恋。半打“infinity mirror”房间闪烁着频闪的灯光,舞蹈和旋转效果,其反光景观似乎永远持续下去。


The creator has added such 眨眼-ian touches as attaching tiny aliens to the bottom of his Slinkies. He has also found a like-minded artistic partner to help usher in guests.

眨眼 World opens with a walking/standing tour of psychedelic artist Alex Aliume’的3D绘画。当Aliume手工完成他流畅,质感的作品时,请为该显示器佩戴辅助3D眼镜。

“对于其中一些笔触,Alex使用一根羽毛的刷子,” 眨眼 says. “我永远不会有耐心地那样工作。他是个天才。”

那’s Aliume’像Wink World品牌一样,摆在面前的艺术,一只手举起,另一只手反叛地展示其中指。一只眼睛向世界张开,一只眼睛向内张望。“Wink” is forever constant in 眨眼’s world, 和 he’开玩笑说,如果不是’他的法定姓氏可能会更改,以表示其调皮的素质。

And, characteristic of 眨眼’的概念是具有创造力的音乐背景。他’s与他的BMG时代的音乐家同事Chris Dyas合作,重新审视了三人组’s PVC打击乐器。

“我们必须在音乐中融入一些Blue Man的氛围,” 眨眼 says. “我想向我的地点点头’ve come from.”

洛杉矶主唱露西·韦尔德(Lucy Weld)演唱了一种名为“Loving Tone,” which could stand as a downloaded single. Already, 眨眼 is mulling how to produce a digital soundtrack for the six, 2½-minute pieces.

“人们已经在问音乐了,” 眨眼 says. “They are trying to ‘Shazam’房间里的音乐,什么也没找到。”

眨眼 began envisioning the project more than a year ago, as he was moving into his visionary role at Area15. He had originally developed an early incarnation of 眨眼 World in the bathroom of his New York apartment, moving on to his living room.

“我只是做了一个有趣的项目,” 眨眼 says. “我几乎被迷住了。有点像那个场景‘Close Encounters,’他在自己的房子里造山的地方。我当时正在亚马逊上买小外星人和Slinkies,任何发光的东西。人们以为我疯了,但我已经习惯了。”

眨眼 was thinking through how to display 眨眼 World. The concept would be a challenge as an independent venue, possibly sharing a block with a cafe, coffee pub, clothing store 和 such. But Area15 allows visitors to move into a mindset where floating Hoberman spheres is in a comfortable option.

Area15 CEO Winston Fisher 和 Chief Creative Officer Michael Beneville visited 眨眼’的斜线安装,只是建议他自己去娱乐区。

“我开始参与其中,感到兴奋,我把他们带进了我的房子,并告诉他们我有一些可以在很小的空间内工作的东西,” 眨眼 says. “然后是,繁荣,让’就是这样做。有人知道如何做合同和建立基础设施真是太好了。我,我只知道如何建造墙壁并将Slinkies粘合在一起。”


“She didn’没有意识到我们的房间里有录像,” 眨眼 says. “我们中的一个碰巧正在看那个房间的录像然后走了,‘Wait a second!’”

Such behavior is not expressly encouraged or endorsed at 眨眼 World. It’s not specifically discouraged, either. As 眨眼 effectively reminds, “1号至6号房间会发生什么,停留在1号至6号房间。”

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