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王牌 has ‘mild symptoms’ after confirming positive test for COVID-19


华盛顿— President Donald 王牌 is experiencing “mild symptoms” of COVID-19 after revealing Friday that he 和 first lady Melania 王牌 have tested positive for the 新冠病毒, a stunning announcement that plunges the country deeper into uncertainty just a month before the presidential election.

王牌, who has spent much of the year downplaying the threat of a virus that has killed more than 205,000 Americans, said he 和 Mrs. 王牌 were quarantining. The White House physician said the president is expected to continue carrying out his duties “without disruption”同时恢复。白宫官员周五早上说,万博官网app正在出现轻微症状,但正在白宫住所工作。

王牌’s diagnosis was sure to have a destabilizing effect in Washington 和 around the world, raising questions about how far the virus had spread through the highest levels of the U.S. government. Hours before 王牌 announced he had contracted the virus, the White House said a top aide who had traveled with him during the week had tested positive.

“今晚,我和@FLOTUS对COVID-19测试为阳性。我们将立即开始隔离和恢复过程,” 王牌 tweeted just before 1 a.m. “我们将共同度过难关!”

副总裁迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)测试否定 在星期五早上检查病毒“保持健康” his spokesman said.


王牌 was last seen by reporters returning to the White House on Thursday evening 和 did not appear visibly ill. 王牌 is 74 years old, putting him at higher risk of serious complications from a virus that has infected more than 7 million people nationwide.

会长’s physician said in a memo that 王牌 和 the first lady, who is 50, “目前都很好” 和 “计划在他们康复期间留在白宫内。”

这一诊断对一位万博官网app一直在拼命试图说服美国公众相信大流行的最严重后果已经过去的万博官网app造成了毁灭性的打击。在最好的情况下,如果他没有出现任何症状,包括发烧,咳嗽和呼吸困难,这很可能会迫使他在选举前几周就退出竞选,并将其参加定于10月举行的第二次万博官网app辩论。 15日在迈阿密,令人怀疑

王牌’s handling of the pandemic has already been a major flashpoint in his race against Democrat Joe Biden, who spent much of the summer off the campaign trail 和 at his home in Delaware because of the virus. Biden has since resumed a more active campaign schedule, but with small, socially distanced crowds. He also regularly wears a mask in public, something 王牌 mocked him for at Tuesday night’s debate.

“I don’像他一样戴口罩” 王牌 said of Biden. “每次见到他,他’戴了口罩。他可能在距我200英尺的地方说话,并且戴着我最大的面具现身’ve ever seen.”

在星期五早上的一条推文中,拜登说他和妻子“send our thoughts to President 王牌 和 First Lady Melania 王牌 for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health 和 safety of the president 和 his family.”副万博官网app候选人卡马拉·哈里斯(Kamala Harris)和她的丈夫在推特上发表了类似的观点。

It was not immediately clear whether the former vice president had been tested since appearing at the debate with 王牌 or whether he was taking any additional safety protocols. 王牌 和 Biden did not shake hands during the debate, but stood without masks about 10 feet apart for the 90-minute event.



On Friday, 王牌 had been scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing, attend a fundraiser 和 hold another campaign rally in Sanford, Florida. But just after 1 a.m., the White House released a revised schedule with only one event: a phone call on “COVID-19支持弱势老年人。”


Hicks had been with 王牌 和 other senior staff aboard Marine One 和 Air Force One en route to that rally 和 had accompanied the president to Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland, along with members of the 王牌 family. The 王牌 contingent removed their masks during the debate, in violation of the venue rules.

此前有多名白宫工作人员对该病毒进行了阳性检测,包括Pence’新闻秘书凯蒂·米勒(Katie Miller),国家安全顾问罗伯特·奥(Robert O)’布赖恩和万博官网app之一’s personal valets.




这个消息肯定会震撼一个已经动摇的国家,这个国家仍在努力如何安全地重新开放经济而不驱动病毒传播。白宫可以使用近乎无限的资源,包括持续提供快速结果测试,而且仍然无法确保万博官网app的安全,这引发了人们对美国其他地区将如何保护其工人,学生和学生的疑问。随着企业和学校重新开放而向公众开放。美国股市期货因特朗普的消息而下跌’s diagnosis.

Questions remain about why it took so long for 王牌 to be tested 和 why he 和 his aides continued to come to work 和 travel after Hicks fell ill. 王牌 traveled to New Jersey on Thursday for a fundraiser, potentially exposing attendees to the virus. 王牌’原本打算与他一起旅行的社交媒体总监Dan Scavino和新闻秘书Kayleigh McEnany在最后一刻被其他助手取代。


It is unclear where the 王牌s 和 Hicks may have caught the virus, but in his Fox interview, 王牌 seemed to suggest it may have been spread by someone in the military or law enforcement.

“It’当您与来自军方或执法部门的人在一起时,他们会非常非常努力,他们来到您身边,他们想要拥抱您,他们想要亲吻您,” he said, “因为我们确实为他们做得很好。和你接近。事情发生了。 ”


Several members of 王牌’星期五,内阁正在对COVID-19进行测试。国务卿迈克·庞培(Mike Pompeo)是担任万博官网app职位的第四任万博官网app,在他登陆克罗地亚之前不久就遭到了否定的测试。财政部长史蒂文·姆努钦(Steven Mnuchin)也测试阴性,而总检察长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)将在星期五早上接受测试。


然而,自大流行初期以来,专家们就对白宫的健康和安全规程提出了质疑,并问为什么还没有’t being done to protect the commander in chief. 王牌 continued to shake hands with visitors long after public health officials were warning against it, 和 he initially resisted being tested.


王牌 is far from the first world leader to test positive for the virus, which previously infected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro 和 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spent a week in the hospital, including three nights in intensive care. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized last month while fighting what he called a “hellish” case of COVID-19.

While there is currently no indication that 王牌 is seriously ill, the positive test raises questions about what would happen if he were to become incapacitated due to illness.


The vice president 和 a majority of either the Cabinet or another body established by law can also declare the president 无法履行职权 of his office, in which case Pence would “立即担任代理主席一职,行使职权” until 王牌 could provide 相反的书面声明。